Witty Writing Used Wisely

Unconventional Ink is where Julie Sutter earns her livelihood as a marketing content creator and copywriter. That means that, somewhat like Barry Manilow, she writes the words that make your website sing. Or your print ad campaign. Or your brochure. Or your billboard. Or your direct mail piece. Or your company tagline. You get the gist.

Unlike Barry Manilow, Julie was a print journalism major in college. She graduated with honors from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, with a love for words and a knack for using them to communicate clearly and craftily. She has since been persuaded to write for companies ranging from ski resorts to software corporations, and takes great pleasure in drawing attention to the exceptional attributes of businesses large and small, and the people who make them shine.

Your company is a character. Your product has a personality. Your services are spectacular. Unconventional Ink can help you express all that in a way that leaves a lasting impression.

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Unconventional Ink: Under the Writing Hood

Julie Sutter likes nothing better than finding just the right turn of phrase. Well, almost nothing. As a Colorado native, she’s pretty fond of her home state in general and Fort Collins in particular. She also adores the local arts community; as co-creator of Articulate City, she helped invent a culture club in 2006 that has people putting the art in party to this very day. A devoted music fan, she serves on the advisory board of SpokesBUZZ, and helped launch Cohere Bandwidth, the first plug-and-play shared rehearsal space for musicians in downtown Fort Collins. She rarely listens to Barry Manilow (but has been known to perform an enthusiastic karaoke version of “Copacabana”). She is a voracious reader, a frequent bike-rider (both road and cruiser-style), and likes helicopters, sushi, documentary films, live music, dead poets, public radio, college basketball, curry, kittens and televised awards shows. She lives in Old Town Fort Collins.